How did Poland's most wanted man come to be hiding in Isle of Man?

By Adrian Darbyshire in Crime

How did a brutal rapist from Poland manage to evade the authorities to hide out in the Isle of Man?

Marian Dorobek, described as Poland’s most wanted sex offender, was finally caught last week following a tip-off to police when he arrived at Heysham off the Steam Packet ferry from Douglas.

He had been on the run since November when he was sentenced to 10 years in jail after being convicted of a string of rape and child sex offences.

iomtoday has learned that three days before his arrest, Dorobek was reported missing here by a family member. It is understood that he was also reported for a possible offence of affray.

Manx police appealed to the public for help in tracing the missing Polish national - with no mention that he was a wanted man.

He was traced and arrested but no further action was taken on the affray allegation as no formal complaint had been made.

By then, however, police knew he was wanted on a European arrest warrant. But that warrant could not be executed as we are outside the European Union.

A police spokesman said Dorobek was monitored and public safety maintained to the point when he was due to travel back to the UK where he was picked up at the point of entry.

Further details have emerged about the offences committed by the 68-year-old, who has been described as a ’very dangerous man’ by the island’s Chief Constable.

According to Polish press reports, he would lure vulnerable young girls, often from disadvantaged families, to his home in Grudziadz with the offer of cash, jewellery and cigarettes in return for cleaning his flat.

But when they arrived he would attack them, tying them up and drugging them before raping them.

He also threatened girls with a flamethrower and kept a journal detailing his offences.

Dorobek was only stopped when a neighbour who is the mother of one of the four young victims heard the screams of her daughter and immediately called the police.

The district court in Grudziadz had issued a European warrant for his arrest.

Officers from Lancashire Constabulary were waiting for Dorobek when the Ben-my-Chree docked at Heysham at 12.15pm on Wednesday.

Following his arrest, he was transferred to HMP Wandsworth ahead of extradition proceedings at Westminster Magistrates Court.

A spokesman for Isle of Man Constabulary said: ’Mr Dorobek was arrested at his first point of entry back in the UK on a European Arrest Warrant.

’This was as a result of the Isle of Man Constabulary liaising with UK forces to ensure they were able to intercept him and subsequently facilitate his removal to Poland.

’The Constabulary was aware of Mr Dorobek’s presence on the island and his movements from the point of him coming to notice, having been reported missing by a family member.

’European Arrest Warrants cannot be executed on the Isle of Man as we sit outside the European Union.’

A spokesman for the Manx government said: ’An EU National is free to travel to the UK and therefore on to the Isle of Man as we are within the Common Travel Area (CTA).

’Border checks are in place for people entering the UK. EU nationals applying for work permits in the Isle of Man would be subject to the relevant checks.

’There is a difference between EU nationals and foreign nationals. Foreign nationals need to be granted a visa for entry clearance.’

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Lyz · 194 days ago · Report

Raises questions about the island's security

Marie · 194 days ago · Report

Need to protect our island better Anyone can enter never see anyone checking When you arrive on island

Manx born (formerl CV) · 194 days ago · Report

Coeus, I was responding to posts made my two others which now appear to have been deleted by the moderator. Unfortunately the new system doesn't allow one to delete one's posts.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 195 days ago · Report

Funnily enough peejay I thought this was a place to make comments on the news rather than to spread rumors. I am also at a loss to understand how someone can then suggest that the story is important because it is about a foreigner rather than about a man described as a brutal rapist and one of the most wanted men in Europe.

Jebus · 196 days ago · Report

The article also confirms that the Isle of Man Authorities had no idea this individual was dangerous until he was arrested on an unrelated matter and had his details run through the intelligence database. So how long had he actually been on the Island? Shocking!

Jebus · 196 days ago · Report

I think Isle of Man Newspapers should be getting comment from the AG's office or the legal community to confirm why the Isle of Man can't act on a European arrest warrant. This article seems to suggest the Isle of Man is a safe haven for European fugitives - you're fine as long as you don't return to UK or Ireland. Or perhaps there is a method through the courts of deporting/extraditing such a person but for some reason the Isle of Man authorities chose not to pursue in this case.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 196 days ago · Report

A somewhat different slant than that given by the Chief Constable 4 days ago in one of his many tweets.

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