Feud led to nightclub assault

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An Onchan woman has been ordered to perform 60 hours’ community service after a nightclub assault.

Leonie Michaela Roberts, of Sandringham Drive, admitted pulling out a former friend’s hair during a row at the Courthouse bar in Athol Street in Douglas.

The 27-year-old pleaded guilty to a common assault charge and was also ordered to pay £200 compensation to her victim as well as £125 prosecution costs.

Prosecutor Barry Swain told the court how, on August 21, the victim was in the Courthouse bar.

She saw Roberts at the bar and was said to have approached her, but Roberts was said to have been verbally abusive.

The woman was then said to have walked away and sat down but Roberts followed and it was alleged that she grabbed the victim by the throat, something which she denied in court.

Roberts was then said to have pushed the woman down onto the seating area before being pulled away by her boyfriend.

However, the court heard that she then returned and grabbed the woman by the hair dragging her across the room.

Photos of the victim later showed that she suffered some hair loss on top of her head and a small cut to her eyebrow. She was treated at Noble’s Hospital after the assault.

Roberts’ advocate Roger Kane previously handed in a basis of plea in which Roberts admitted grabbing her victim, pulling her off seating and pulling her hair but denied grabbing her by the throat.

The plea was rejected by the prosecution but Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes had ruled that the factual dispute would not affect sentencing.

In magistrates’ court on Tuesday Mr Kane said: ’In the early hours, the complainant approached my client at the bar.

’They used to be friends. Miss Roberts didn’t want to speak to her. It developed into an argument.

’She accepts she is responsible for the injuries caused. She clearly regrets the position she finds herself in and won’t put herself in this position again.’

Mr Kane said that Roberts wanted to do community service but that it would have to be done in the next month or so as she was now heavily pregnant.

Chairman of the magistrates Caroline Convery said: ’Obviously you find yourself in court today as a result of a long-running feud. We suggest it is time to stop. You are going to have to learn to walk away from it.’

Roberts was ordered to pay at a rate of £100 per month.