We will not take in Syrian refugees

By Adrian Darbyshire in Politics

The island won’t take in vulnerable Syrian refugees under the UK’s resettlement scheme.

That’s the outcome of a review of the support offered by the island after Chief Minister Howard Quayle was presented with a petition with more than 1,000 signatures.

Instead, an additional £973,000 will be allocated from the island’s international development budget to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

This will take the total provided by the Isle of Man to £1.5 million since the conflict began.

Mr Quayle said: ’The Council of Ministers believes the Isle of Man can offer more effective support to a greater number of people by directing funds to the UN High Commission for Refugees.’

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Pat Ayres · 169 days ago · Report

It's a good decision for the refugees. Who in their right mind would want to put up with some of the racist and xenophobic opinions written here? Nasty nasty people.

Mandala · 171 days ago · Report

@Maggy No we don`t, only a pathetic amount of refugees brought into Germany in their millions have been employed, it`s going to cost them billions.It is the right decision, but as they have weakened the work permits yet again they will probably bring them in through the back door as "EU workers"

Illiam Dhone · 176 days ago · Report

What is wrong with these people? They are undermining the very nature of tolerant decent hospitality by inviting in these hoards of hateful, resentful people whose ranks are packed with rapists, crooks and terrorists. The 'refugee crisis' was deliberately engineered to crush European demographics and culture and replace Europeans with 'allies' for the (((Globalist))) 'no borders' agenda. The 'Arab Spring' was a crime against Europe by traitors!

Ultima · 180 days ago · Report

Good sense prevailed vs the blackmailers. Most so called "refugees" not even come from Syria, most are from Africa, mere economic migrants. Certain groups are hellbent in destroying the West (like the ones in the photo), let's keep them clear from the Island. Only I wonder who approved that money, but this is small potatoes compared to the quantities that would be extorted if they were brought here. Not to mention the security problems. We don't need No go zones.

Learn from others · 184 days ago · Report

Learn from the Scandinavian countries, how NOT to do it. Sweden for example. If you take the cost to handle all migrants in Sweden it is in the level of all refuge costs in all UN refugee camps. One (1) refugee in Sweden cost the same as helping 200 refugees in UN camps.

Maggy · 184 days ago · Report

We need them. Missed opportunity. Shame.

ET · 185 days ago · Report

Imber is perfectly correct. Such a donation as against the scale of the problem is nothing more than an apology intended to be noticed. It's political, not humanitarian, and certainly, in the circumstances surrounding the island's economic situation could have been put towards better use. Human misery isn't a game you purchase a ticket for the purpose of keeping pace with the pack.

Clock Weights · 185 days ago · Report

Well, it was the only sensible decision that could be made. Accepting refugees in the Isle of Man would be absolute stupidity! I'm puzzled as to why we are now giving a further £973,000 away when surely this could be far better spent supporting vital services on the Island, benefitting the Manx people. I suppose we should just be thankful that we don't have another spare Fisheries Protection vessel to give away!!

Grumpy Old Man · 185 days ago · Report

How come a few MHKs have the right to sign-off £1 million pounds without Tynwald signing it off?

John · 185 days ago · Report

The right decision. Hans Rosling and others has shown that the best way to help is to help locally rather than taking on refugees, which is fully logical, but the good-doers want to act on emotion despite it being counterproductive. Just think about it: how XXXX GBP can help them here vs how much it can help locally instead (and actually reach the ones that really need it; the ones that can't buy a ticket to get away).

imber · 185 days ago · Report

This does not sit well.Won't this just be interpreted as paying to keep refugees out?

Billding · 185 days ago · Report


Modern Democracy · 185 days ago · Report

Big Howards usual approach to any problem - use other peoples money to solve it!

Donald Juan Trump · 185 days ago · Report

The correct decision!

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