Drunk 'pirate' was found lying on beach

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A man found lying drunk on Castletown beach told police he was a pirate and asked them if he was still in England.

David Thomas Jones, of Beacon Close, Beaconsfield, was found unconscious on the stony beach at 5.54pm on Monday afternoon, next to a bottle of vodka as well as sandwiches he had stolen from the Co-op.

The 50-year-old was fined £250, ordered to pay £3.48 for the sandwiches and £125 prosecution costs.

Prosecutor Barry Swain told the court how, police had difficulty rousing Jones but when they did he appeared to have no idea where he was and told them he thought was in the Wirral.

He was arrested and said: ’Parley, I’m a pirate!’ ’

Parley’ was a pirate code which allowed them temporary protection and the right to see a ship’s captain before they could be attacked.

Jones was taken to Noble’s Hospital before being discharged into police custody.

Staff at Castletown Co-op reported seeing Jones walk out of the shop earlier in the day without paying for two sandwiches.

They tried to stop him but he ran away, throwing a rock towards them as he left, and he was then almost knocked down by car as he crossed the square.

Jones had only arrived in the island on Friday from the Wirral where he had been visiting his parents.

He had appeared in court earlier in the day on Monday after he was found asleep at Douglas bus station in Lord Street at the weekend.

He was said to have had a knife with him on that occasion, which he said he used for camping, and was fined a total of £500.

The prosecutor said: ’Goodness knows what is going on with Mr Jones.

’Here he is again after appearing yesterday.’

Jones was said to have been found lying next to a litre bottle of vodka, a quarter of which had been consumed, as well as the empty sandwich boxes.

Defence advocate Paul Rodgers said: ’He doesn’t recall how he got the alcohol.

’He recalls being given some Stella while he was on the beach by someone, but not the vodka he was found with.

His fine was paid by his father yesterday.

He then found his way to Castletown and become extremely intoxicated in the space of four hours.

’As with all individuals with alcohol problems, the main harm is usually to themselves. This is the first dishonesty offence on his record.

’He was visiting his parents in the Wirral and decided to come to the Isle of Man.

’His father will be in a position to bail him out again.

’He will have to pay him back.’

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said: ’You arrived here on Friday and have been before the court on two occasions, committing four offences in a five-day period.

You were taken to hospital twice and caused considerable inconvenience.

Staff could have been dealing with people who are ill.’

Jones was also banned from the Isle of Man for five years.