Abortion Bill is 'extremely regressive' say 'pro-life' campaigners

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Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform (HEAR) has described the bill as ’extremely regressive legislation’ with nothing to recommend it.

The campaign group say there are a ’number of seriously flawed provisions that would make Manx abortion law significantly more inhumane’.

HEAR spokesman Sue Richardson said: ’This Bill would make our laws more inhumane and take us backwards.

’It would remove the already tenuous conscience protections in law, worsen disability discrimination, enable late-term feticide and introduce abortion on demand, effectively not even up to 14 weeks but to 24 weeks by its undefined health and social clauses.

’Rather than learn from the failures across, which have had terrible consequences, this draft legislation emulates them.

’It would make our law more discriminatory, more lax and permissive, and abolish key safeguards that were wisely included in 1995.

She added: ’We call on as many members of the public to write in to the consultation opposing these dehumanising provisions, and call for real humanity and equality to be involved in abortion reform, by increasing protections for unborn children, and giving better material support for pregnant mothers and their babies in the womb.’

They argue the ’flaws’ include:

â?¢ Introducing abortion on demand, for any reason ostensibly up to 14 weeks, and potentially up to 24 weeks given the vague construction of abortion to avoid ’a risk of serious injury to the pregnant woman’s life or health’ and ’serious social grounds’;

â?¢ Worsening disability discrimination in current Manx abortion law, as the already existent discrimination against babies with disabilities in the law, will be introduced up to birth;

â?¢ Removing important protections for unborn babies, including the current requirement that if a baby is born alive during any abortion then ’the hospital surgeon shall be under a duty to take all reasonable steps to preserve the life of the child’. This will encourage and introduce the barbaric practice of feticide, in which a baby is caused a fatal heart attack so as not to survive a late abortion.

â?¢ Removing legal penalties in the Criminal Code, meaning cases like the recent callous case in Northern Ireland would be impossible to prosecute up to 28 weeks.

â?¢ Compromising conscience protections for medical professionals, who will now not only have the burden of proof put on them, but will be obliged to be materially complicit in abortion by referring to other doctors.

â?¢ Deleting safeguards in the form of the two-doctor rule and required evidence-basis. Not only will this be removed up to 14 weeks, but only an attending physician will have to approve an abortion after that time, rather than an independent medical practitioner also.

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Julie · 2 days ago · Report

I do apologise for getting the wrong end of the stick:)

H Watterson · 3 days ago · Report

I was actually referring to Peter, Julie, and his desire to dictate changes to the law of the land, and efforts to suppress opposition. Peter's no mate of mine. We're not talking about a few cells, or a few desperate cases, view the stats.

Peter · 4 days ago · Report

Life may be precious to those who have it, but we are talking about a few cells jumbled up inside someone. We are not talking about a life. Most abortions will be morning after pills or very early term. This is not a "baby". Although there is the potential of life there is no life apart from one - the mother's.

Julie · 4 days ago · Report

I am not telling these women what to do that's the fascists job who makes the rules for the Isle of Man. No offence intended:) I'm just voicing my opinion.

Julie · 4 days ago · Report

Fascist? To be honest I don't really know what what of them is so I looked it up and I can safely say my mates and I are not one of them. I'm just one person who thinks life is precious and it shouldn't be taken away. Sorry to disappoint you Peter and your mate H. Watterson:)

H Watterson · 4 days ago · Report

And what effect does it have on the baby, the innocent life? We don't need you or your "fascist mates" telling us what to think. Protect the vulnerable.

Peter · 5 days ago · Report

Whereas being forced to continue an unwanted pregnancy has no ill effects at all on a woman's body or mind I suppose? Don't like abortion? Don't have one. End of. Women can make their own minds up, they don't need you or your fascists mates telling them what to do.

Julie · 6 days ago · Report

Sometimes it harms the mother mentally for years to come. So it's not a good choice for anyone.

Peter · 6 days ago · Report

It is the answer if the mother wants it to be. Her body, her choice.

H Watterson · 6 days ago · Report

This is the termination of healthy innocent human life, owed '70' years, obliterated by the one person in the world it should be able to trust - it's mother. It's not the answer. Never before have we been able to see more clearly the incredible beauty of the foetus, the precious little baby.

Julie · 6 days ago · Report

Actually Peter I get upset if I stand on a snail so the answer to your question is no its not just human life that is precious to me. To insinuate we should encourage abortions because there is too many humans in the world is abit of an exaggeration in my opinion. After all said and done you're also a human weather you like it or not.

Peter · 7 days ago · Report

If life is precious why do we kill over 56 billion animals every year for food alone? Or is it just the 7.5 BILLION humans that are precious to you Julie? Abortions should not only be permitted - they should be encouraged. As should sterilization. The world is infected with humans.

ET · 7 days ago · Report

A bastion of principle doesn’t carry the foetus, the mother does. Principles are subjective, they’re not the principle of the foetus or the father or the doctor or the court. The mother is not the tool of the lobby, one way or the other. The days of the convent or the asylum are long gone and may never again a principled group of individuals have any sway over the choice of a mother, advised by a medical professional as necessary. The Bill is as close as common sense allows.

Julie · 8 days ago · Report

Life is a precious thing. It shouldn't be allowed to be taken away so easily.

Fell · 9 days ago · Report

So the mother decides - which is her choice - not your's nor mine - which is the point that people are making too.

Julie · 9 days ago · Report

But the baby can't decide for itself that's the point these people are trying to make.

Fell · 9 days ago · Report

Clearly others have differing views on this matter. So why not allow individuals to make their own choices based on their own 'belief' systems and values - not anyone elses? You make your's. They make their's. They decide for themselves. You decide for yourself.

Julie · 9 days ago · Report

The baby would not want to die or isn't the baby important in all this?

Fell · 9 days ago · Report

So why not allow individuals to make their own choices based on their own 'belief' systems and values? If people choose differently it is because they think differently and are different. One size does not fit all.

Julie · 10 days ago · Report

Because it is taking a life away and I am an atheist.

Fell · 10 days ago · Report

Why not?

Julie · 10 days ago · Report

Unless they're for rape incest or severe abnormalities abortion should not be allowed on the Isle of Man.

Phil · 10 days ago · Report

Who are these people trying to control other people's lives? That's very anti-life.

Conch · 10 days ago · Report

they would have us living in a Victorian society if they had their way, this isn't permissive or lax at all, these procedures are rare, women travel off island anyway, they can't control what people do though they'd like to.

giraffegirl · 10 days ago · Report

Regression - returning to a less developed state, synonyms: revert, retrogress, relapse, lapse, backslide, slip back. As the Handmaiden's have stated, it's difficult to call the proposed bill regression, when nothing of its like has been seen in the Isle of Man before.

Fell · 10 days ago · Report

Peter, one does wonder what their position is on 'free will'? "Balanced" versus "regressive" probably means "just about right" in most people's minds?

Peter · 10 days ago · Report

Pro-life? These people are anti-choice, not pro-life. Too many people in the world as it is, billions and billions of us.

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